Revival Art carefully selects and controls the paints used by our artists. We currently use both traditional oil paints as well as more modern acrylics. The paint type used is determined by the piece itself. For instance, in recreating a painting originally made using oil-on-canvas and layered with a palette knife, our artist will skillfully apply the same medium, tools and techniques.


When selecting paints we look for the best combination of the following factors:


• Quality 

• Colour range 

• Consistency of colour shade 

• Consistency of product manufacture 

• Performance in terms of colour fastness and durability over time 


For oils we select Marie’s Professional Oil Paint. Established in 1919, Marie’s paints are professional grade colours and the industry standard for high quality oil paints. Marie’s paint is manufactured to a stringent ISO9001 quality system certification. It is tested and compliant to European Community EN71-3 and is CE markedand certified. It also complies with all current Health and Safety requirements for production and end user environments.


For acrylics we select Windsor and Newton paints. Founded in 1832 and pledged to manufacture ‘the world’s finest art materials’, Windsor and Newton have built their reputation on both the quality and reliability of their products. Windsor and Newton is a global brand and acknowledged in all areas of the art world.