Glass Options 

Glass thickness:  

Glass comes in a variety of thicknesses from 2mm - 10mm. Standard commercial grade is 5mm while retail thicknesses tend to be between 2-4 mm. Typically the thicker the glass the more durable the product.


Grade quality:  

We make sure the glass is being produced by a credible factory. Sub standard glass can lead to distorted reflections and impurities in colour.


Ultra-reflective coatings:  

It is also important to consider the reflective coating. For optimal reflection, specify a silver base coating. For commercial based projects, aluminum based coatings are typically suggested.



We offer all sizes of bevels but primarily suggest a 1” bevel, a mild slant on the edge of the mirror that will catch the light for interesting visual effect.



Tints can be applied to any object made of glass, from darkening to frosted finish films that closely resemble sandblasted or acid etched glass.


Security install:  

We use the industry standard ‘J-rail mounting system’ for anti-tamper, secure wall mounting.