Unlike many of our competitors, Revival Art commissions are produced on a ‘one artist per piece’ basis. This is in contrast to the production line methods employed by many factories, where multiple painters work on different elements of the same image. For example, one artist simply paints the sky while another paints the trees. This method results in inconsistent art and unbalanced compositions.

As a result, Revival Art commissions are finished to a higher standard; they are far more detailed and artistically complete, as the artist has more expressive ownership and control throughout the process.

We employ 3 types of artists:


  • Accomplished Professors - Typically retired art professors or lifelong artists who have returned to their love of painting following retirement from other careers. They produce more complex works such as our ‘Inspired By’ series, as well as take on responsibility to train our graduates to commercial level. 
  • Art Masters - These are renowned local artists, hand chosen and commissioned to work in a specific style that requires advanced technical abilities. These individuals often specialize in reproductions of a particular artist, like Van Gogh, and hone their skills reproducing that master’s work over decades.
  • Skilled Graduates - These skilled artists are art school or college graduates and make up the majority of our studio. Professors and tutors from numerous art faculties throughout China refer their most talented artists directly to us. From there they undergo an extensive training period, overseen by one of our ‘Accomplished Professors’, to advance their talents and become commercial artists. This ensures our quality standards are maintained throughout the studio.