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Dancing Circles 12FCGP0029
The Sea Garden 12FCGP0030
Journey through the stars 12FCGP0016
Whirling in circles 12FCGP0015
Planetarium Crab 1 12ES0388
Planetarium Crab 12ES0386
Planetarium Crab 3 12ES0385
Four Runestones 12FCFF109
Modules in blue 12FCFF108
The Porthole 2 12FCFF099
The Porthole 1 12FCFF098
A moment in time 2 12FCFF091
A moment in time 1 12FCFF090
A host of squares 12FCFF085
A host of circles 2 12FCFF084
A host of circles 1 12FCFF083
Becoming Blue 2 12FCFF081
Becoming Blue 1 12FCFF080
Trend Spotting 1 12FCFF077
Life Relocated 2 12FCFF049
Life Relocated 1 12FCFF048
The Broadcast 12FCFF047
The Magi's Door 2 12FCFF042
The Magi's Door 1 12FCFF041
Life before 2 12FCFF038
Life before 1 12FCFF037
The Drifting Tiles 12FCGP0010
Nine Mosaic Tiles 2 12FCGP0002
Sunset Landscape 4 12SZGE0024
Sunset Landscape 3 12SZGE0023
Woven in Music 2 12SZGE0022
Woven in Music 1 12SZGE0021
Kiln of Creation 2 12SZGE0020
Kiln of Creation 12SZGE0019
Seeking Perfection 2 12SZGE0018
Seeking Perfection 1 12SZGE0017