Aaron Greenwood

What did you do with life before Revival Art?  

Wow, where to start? I’m a workaholic and I guess a bit of a nomad, at the last count I had worked on projects in 22 countries over the past 25 years.


I started out working in procurement for the family business, One of the largest Merchandising company's in Europe, working my way up the business through production management, R+D and eventually becoming the Company’s GM. Our clients included many global brands such as Ferrari and The Rolling Stones which led me into managing merchandising operations for Ferrari at F1 events worldwide . 


Following the sale of the Family business I moved into Event and Operations Management, licensing exclusive Commercial Vending rights for the UK’s 5 main Motorsport circuits including Silverstone and Brands Hatch, this was followed by various troubleshooting contracts which led to me being headhunted by a US company to run their Asia print operations in China which is where I met Rob and Nick who were here on a sourcing trip, we stayed in touch and following the end of my US contract one thing led to another and here I am now…


What do you love most about working at Revival Art?  

Aside from working with a great bunch of people It would be the fact that Revival Art allows me the opportunity to apply my Operational experience, technical knowledge and industrial expertise in an artistic and creative environment.


What is your favourite painting/ piece of work? 

Right at the top of the list would have to be Farbstudie Quadrate by Kandinsky or anything in Orange or Yellow by Rothko, I’m a big fan of “organic” graphic art and these pieces really hit the mark. Kandinsky wrote extensively on colour, he was one of the first people to publish a theory on how different colours can invoke emotional responses in a similar way to music, he was way ahead of his time, it’s no surprise that his work is so popular today it's not just art it's science!


What secret skill do you have that no one knows about?  

I’m a closet musician, I started DJ'ing back in the late 80's and much of my misspent youth took place in smoky pubs, nightclubs and recording studio’s making, mixing, performing or producing techno and dance music, I was fortunate to work with lots bands during the nineties programming or remixing music for artists such as Talk talk, The Orb, Orbital, KLF and Underworld as well as performing as various acts and DJing on the main stage at the first 3 Love parade’s in Berlin. Well the secret is out, should you feel inclined you can look my profile up online at discogs for more information, www.discogs.com/artist/Aaron+Greenwood.


What’s your brush with celebrity?  

I’m really lucky, I've led a charmed life partly by accident but mainly by design and determination, having handled merchandising operations for 4 Rolling Stones Tours I’ve shared a beer or two with Mick, Keith and boys and have found myself in many a “messy” situation with a quite a few famous musicians. I’d love to name names and tell you more, but what goes on tour stays on tour as they say, so my lips are sealed. Through my work in Motorsport, one year in Monaco I ended up having lunch with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and Sylvester Stallone who was researching F1 for his motorsport film flop “Driven”, and regularly met with some of motorsports greats such as  Michael Schumacher and  Damon Hill from F1 and Max Biaggi, Valentino Rossi and Angel Nieto of MotoGP fame