Our Future Goals and Vision

At the heart of what we do we want to nurture the ability to appreciate art, in any of its forms and to contribute responsibly to those who produce it.


Our artwork is created in the Far East, and so to give back to the local community we pay premium rates for skilled artisans. We have also, for some years now, been putting into place a plan to buy a large plot of land to build an artist’s village from the ground up. The goal is ambitious. Starting with literally a green field in Yangshuo, a famous and spectacular tourist destination renowned as ‘the most beautiful place in the world’, we plan to build a community.


This community will be a haven for artists to live with their families and work. We are planning to build Western standard housing accommodation, a free school for local children, and an artist studio. In the first year we hope to house between 5-15 families, with the possibility of offering tourist accommodation for those interested in seeing first hand not only an amazing location but also how we produce our art.


An excellent quality of life, secure employment and safe living conditions will be our goals and we intend to start the build in 2014.